Film Scores

The Contract

Directed by Bruno Brejt

1837, winter. Fates of two men become interlinked by love to a certain woman. One of them is a poet; the other one – a French baron. The protagonists’ choices are complicated by an appearance of a sinister and mysterious stranger. „We are wandering in a maze where the only exit has been bricked up” – in a dark court corridor a silent whisper can be heard. Trapped in a world of court intrigues, the men are forced to fight a duel of honor. „Contract” is a story about love, evanescence and evil, which does its utmost to get human souls into its clutches.

Polish Film Festival in America 2021

Splat Film Fest 2021Montreal Independent Film Festival 2021

Boston Independent Film Festival 2021

Terror Córdoba Festival de Cine 2021


Directed by Karolina Monwid-Olechnowicz

„Soliloquium” is a visual Portrait of one’s speech, flowing like a river of thoughts, with intention of seeking truth. The alphabet of feelings, association, fears, memories overwhelming our mind, impossible to escape from. It is up to us to give them direction.

Best Experimental Movie na LJMU MA Short Film Festival 2023 (UK)

Honorable Mention at  Student World Impact Film Festival 2022


Tirana International Film Festival 2022 (European Film Awards
) in Albania  

Un Festival C’est Trop Court 2022 in France

Short Waves International Film Festival 2022 in Poland  

Pigeon International Film Festival 2022 in Island

Camera Action Film Festival 2022 in Poland

Usak Short Film Festival in Turkey  

Winchester Film Festival 2022 in UK 

69. OKFA Festival 2023


Directed by Tadeusz Łysiak

Ryszard – a sixty years old farmer living in a small, Polish village in complete seclusion takes care over his wife, who struggles with Alzheimer’s. A young girl from a big city who he stumbles upon by accident introduces him to a world of techno music which, for at least a brief moment, helps him forget about the grave responsibility he has to carry on his shoulders.

Awarded: Sao Paulo Film Festival 2019
Polish Short Films in Las Vegas 2019
Sulmona International Film Festival 2019
Grand Off Festival 2019 – best movie


Camerimage 2019

Byron Bay Film Festival 2018

 Short Shorts Tokyo 2018 

Literally Short Films 2018

Polish Film Festival in Los Angeles 2018

Festiwal Młodzi i Film 2018

 Dwa Brzegi 2018WAMA FIlm Festival 2019

Kameralne Lato Film Festiwal 2019

Kraków Film Festiwal 2019


Directed by Karolina Monwid-Olechnowicz

A short story that focuses on the tender connection between the body and nature. It also refers to climate change, although it is mainly an allegorical story about isolation and the micro- and macro-inner world.

Honorable Mention at OKFA (2021)


One Shot Film Festival w Armenii 2021

Porto Femme  w Portugalii 202127.

Baltic Herring Shorts Film Competition w Finlandii 2021

Play Poland Festival 2021 w UK39.

Tous Courts 2021 we FrancjiFestiwal FINC 2021

 Festiwalu Młodzi i Film 2021

BNP Green Film Festival 20214

8. Ińskie Lato Filmowe 2021

FAMA Festival 2021

Lubuskie Lato Filmowe 2021

Bajío International Film Festival BJX Fest 2021

Sehsüchte International Student Film Festival 2022

Złoty Samolotek 2022